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About us


  The College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science(CEECS) was established in August 1998 to educate future leaders in the fast revolving professions of electrical engineering, electronic engineering and computer science. Committed to becoming an internationally-recognized research institute, this College has been pursuing education of rigorous curricula and research on innovative technologies. With its excellent track record in research achievement, this College has established strong partnerships with industry, and is now extending to promote international cooperation in academic and research.


  There are three departments (Electronic and computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Engineering) and one graduate institute (Electro-Optical Engineering) which all provide both doctoral and master degree programs in the EECS College. Currently, there are 117 full-time teachers, including 51 professors. Among all, there are 4 IEEE Fellows and 3 IEE Fellows. The EECS of NTUST is the 2nd largest among the universities in Taiwan. There are 2,881 students (121 foreign students included), with 1,377 undergraduate students, 1,215 master candidates, and 289 doctoral candidates.


  The undergraduate and graduate programs are all accredited by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan(IEET) based on criteria that are substantially equivalent to those adopted by the Washington Accord(WA) signatories.