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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Information Engi­neering was established in 1999, with a faculty of 23 full-time teachers.

There are strong research groups focusing in five major areas:

1. Voice, video, computer graphics technologies and multimedia applications,

2. Intelligent systems, machine learning and robotics,

3. Parallel, real-time and embedded systems,

4. Cloud computing and computer security,

5. Wired and wireless computer networking.

For their outstanding research accomplishment, many faculty members have been appointed as editors or associate edi­tors of important international journals such as IEEE transac­tions, and have been frequently recognized by many research awards. Two faculty members, for example, are the winners of Distinguished Research Award of National Science Council.

The course design of the Department focuses on informa­tion theory, technology development, and interdisciplinary training. To ensure student’s success both in education and research, the Department not only puts much emphasis on hands-on experiences on hardware and software to fuse the­ory-studies with practical implementations, but also sets up numerous course-related laboratories.

Courses offered by the Department covers both traditional and modern computer science topics, including artificial intelli­gence, computer programming, operating systems, computer architecture, software engineering, algorithms and computa­tion theory, image and video processing, speech processing, multimedia, human-machine interface, computer graphics, computer networks and machine learning.

  In the nation-wide university evaluation, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of NTUST is among the first-ranked departments. The Department will continue its efforts to contribute to the information industry, nationally and internationally.