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Department of Electrical Engineering

  Department of Electrical Engineering was es­tablished in 1978. The mission of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to educate future professional leaders with solid training and innovative creativity to solve problems not only individually as an electrical engineer, but collectively through interdisciplinary cooperation. To sup­port the aforementioned training, the Department has elev­en teaching labs and twenty three research labs, each being constantly upgraded to keep up with the most advanced technology. The whole student body now consists of nearly 102 doctoral students, 432 master students and 456 under­graduate students .

  With multi-million USD research budget from government and industry, the Department is renowned for its focus on: Energy, Power, Intelligent Control, Bioelectronics, Em­bedded System Design, Computer System, Networking, Communication, Electromagnetic, and VLSI Design. Department of Electrical Engineering has been renowned as one of the most competitive institutions in Taiwan. With its committed course design with emphasis on both theoretical instruction and hands-on training, the Depart­ment has been ranked in. Cheers Magazine as one of the top 10 most welcomed institutions by the employers in Taiwan for the last decade, and top 5, in 2005. Three faculty mem­bers in the Department have been awarded of Excellent Re­searchers by the National Science Council of Taiwan. The Department ranks as top 10 technical transfer institutions in Taiwan.